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2011年6月7日 星期二

Review : LANEIGE Pore Line- Clearing Foam / Clear & Tight Essence / Pore Minimizing Pack

It is my first blog sharing written in English , hope it would not be too bad .

It has been a long time since I have shared the Laneige Sleeping Pack.
Yup! I have gone to Laneige to do my shopping again!

Today , I would like to share Laneige Pore Line to all of you : )
( oh yea ! I have bought the whole series : P )

So far , I have used for about a month’s time , the effect is quite satisfactory.

Let’s start from the Pore Deep Clearing Foam !

Apply an appropriate amount of the Clearing Foam , put some water and it is easy to create a creamy clearing foam.
( Note : I think it is not necessary to apply an extra cleansing equipment , as Laneige Pore Clearing Foam is easy to create creamy foams ! )

Hmm, the foam is very creamy : )
( Like Ice-Cream!! )

As I am not keen on creating foam by hands , I rarely use clearing foam.
However , LANEIGE Pore Line - Pore Deep Clearing Foam is easy for me to create foams
Moreover , it feels soft when I applied it on my face.

After using LANEIGE Pore Line - Pore Deep Clearing Foam , it would not feel so dry immediately.

LANEIGE Pore Line - Pore Deep Clearing Foam is sold at HKD$150 , this cost is quite reasonable and affordable . Also , I think it could be used for about 4 months , so I think it is worthwhile to buy.

After using LANEIGE Pore Line - Pore Deep Clearing Foam , I will use Pore Clear Essence .

Basically , I will apply Pore Clear Essence on my nose and my chin.
( Suggestions :  It is possible to go to the counters and the Sales will help you to find out your “DIRTY”” area by doing the skin test. )

Pore Clear Essence seems so small ( 20 ML ) , actually , I will only use a little bit ( amount ) each time . I think it could be used for about 4 months .

The texture of Pore Clear Essence is gel-like texture , white-in-color and easy to spread smoothly over the face.

Using for about a month’s time , the nose and chin area looks soften and the pimples on my chin have been improved !

A lot of people may say that having facial treatment ( using the PINS ) is great , but it will easily lead to inflammation. By using Pore Clear Essence, I think it can clear the black heads and excess sebum and it also lessen the possibility of having inflammation on the face.

Actually, I have tried to use the PINS to clean the black heads during the time of using Pore Clear Essence , but the black heads have been lessen since using the Pore Clear Essence.

After that , I have applied Pore Tight Essence. It is different from the Pore Clear Essence. By comparing to the texture of Pore Tight Essence , it is easily absorbed by the skin . After using the Pore Tight Essence , it seems that I have used some Oil-Control Base ( like GOSH ) and the skin is very smooth in texture.

My aim of using Pore Tight Essence : Minimizing the pores.

This product can use in problematic areas. Since my face got several pimples , I applied Pore Tight Essence on my whole face.

After using Pore Tight Essence for a month’s time , the pores are still large in size.
However, the areas ( Nose , Chin ) which I have used both essences , it showed the significant improvement on these problematic areas.

Seems that I can not be lazy anymore, I need to use both essences together to rescue my skin.

I am going to introduce a must-buy item for this line , it is the Pore Minimizing Pack. It has included a new ingredient , which is the Mineral-tox , the effect will be more significant and the pore clearing effects would be even better too.

This Pore Minimizing Pack is my recent favs , as it only uses 3 to 5 minutes and the black heads and excess sebum can be removed and it is home-made facial’s Must-Buy item.

After cleansing the face , I usually use this pack for 2 to 3 times a week.
After using this pack , the pimples’ problems have been solved .

More important , it will not have the feeling of “PAIN “when using the pack.

Conclusion ( LANEIGE Pore Line ):
Pore Problems is one of the major skin problems that I have faced . Although I did not have a Strawberry Nose at the moment , but I afraid that I would have a Strawberry Nose at one day.

Of course , it is not easy to pay HKD$830 at one time.
( Hmmm.. I bought the whole line at one time, feel like paying for an expensive facial! )
If you would like to buy them separately , here are my suggestions :

Focus on Black heads , Strawberry Nose :
Pore Minimizing Pack is most suitable!

Focus on small pimples :
Pore Clear Essence & Pore Tight Essence would be great.

Focus on basic cleansing:
Start from Pore Cleansing Foam!

Of course, I would recommend you to buy whole series !

To conclude , the whole Pore Line Series is doing quite well and I recommend after using the Pore Line products , you can apply some moisturizing cream / products too.
( Apply some Moisturzing Mask : ) )

Share my other products with you next time!

Here is my previous sharing on Laneige Sleeping Pack_EX Sharing :

Remarks :
Several Beauty Bloggers have asked me whether this Pore Line will duplicate with other trial products ?
( Actually , It will not duplicate with other products. I treat this line ( series ) as supplement and after using these products , I will use my daily skincare products! )

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  1. thanks for visiting my page hun. yes, i'd love to link exchange with ya ^-^. btw, I read your reviews and they were awesome. I'll have to try these out :)

  2. thank you, nice to try these out.
    especially the pore minimizing pack : }

  3. hi bubeee, if i would like to buy just one to try out for minimizing the pore, which is the must have? pore minimizing pack? or the tightening essence? as i know pack is not essence but tightening will adsorb into your skin faster? is that so?




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