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2011年6月22日 星期三

Review : Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Essence Mask

Yup! I am a fan of Skinfood! : )
I have asked my friend who have gone to Korea to buy the Skinfood products for me.
Hmm..It is my first time to buy their masks.
It seems that I did not get enough sleep these few weeks, lets use this mask to make my skin feeling moisturized and hydrated!

About Lettuce and Cucumber Water Essence Mask:
Lettuce and cucumber extracts rich with minerals, vitamins and moisture leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

Our pure cotton sheet has fine pores to keep essence for a longer period of time. The sheet contains a variety of nutrients, keeping the moisture on your skin longer. Make your skin breathes.

Lets talk about its packing, its package and design is same as other skinfood masks.
This mask got 23g Essence and Extract, thats a lot !

Get it out from the packing, the essence is not as much as some moisturizing mask like Dr.Jou , it is easier to get it out from the packing.

Apply it on the face, the mask is not fully sticked on the face (especially NOSE!)

The texture of the Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Essence Mask is a bit more elastic than other paper masks.
Maybe due to the elasticity of the masks, the absorbability of the extract and essence should be higher and the mask has been dried after using for 15 minutes.

I have heard of a saying that, if we use the mask for longer than 15 minutes, the mask will dehydrate the water and moisture from your skin.

The essence and extract in this mask is of a high volume, I think it can use for about 15 – 20 minutes. After using 15 – 20 minutes, simply take off the mask and massage.

After massage, the essence has been penetrated to the skin and the skin feel like moisturized. Then, apply cream or moisturizer to hold the moisture and keep the hydrability into the skin area.

Actually, the packing still has a lot of essence and extract left behind, and then apply the essence onto the skin and neck.
(The whole body will feel moisturized: D )

The price of Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Essence MaskHKD195/ 5 pieces ) is not very worthy , as its quality is not really so outstanding. If the price would be lower and I will re-purchase them again!

P.S. After using this mask , the makeup on the second day looks more flawless : )

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